What makes Geritol® a well-balanced multivitamin?
Geritol Balanced Apples

As the makers of Geritol®, we embrace the concept of balance whole-heartedly, but what does that mean when it comes to multivitamins? Balance between your life and your career is important. Balance between personal space and public space is important. Likewise, we feel like balance between daily diet and daily supplement is important.

To lead a rich, energetic and full life, it’s paramount that you eat well, drink plenty of water and exercise every single day. That information has been well documented in scientific journals as well as fitness and fashion magazines. We know it to be true. But we also know that in the real world it’s not always possible to eat the best foods. This is where balance comes into the picture.

A multivitamin supplement like Geritol® is exactly that – a supplement, or an add-on that provides nutritional support. It does not replace the leafy greens or the colorful fruits that you should be eating, but it provides close to 100% of the recommended daily value of 12 of the 26 essential vitamins and minerals that you need on a daily basis.

You may have noticed at the store shelf that there’s a trend away from 100% RDA these days. Lots of multivitamins are advertising 200% of this and upwards of 1,000% of that. Why so much? Is more necessarily better?

We think not. There are a lot of differing opinions on the subject, but the bottom line is that there simply isn’t scientific evidence to support that more is better for the average person, hence our adherence to the RDAs. Obviously, if your doctor has told you to increase your vitamin D with a specific daily dose over 100% RDA, that makes sense for your current state of health, but overloading on vitamins is not necessarily better and can be potentially harmful, as some vitamins are toxic in large doses.

Geritol® multivitamin has been trusted by generations and generations of women and men because it is a well-balanced multivitamin, offering just the right balance of support.