Will the Geritol® liquid stain teeth? - Geritol
Will the Geritol® liquid stain teeth?


Most liquid forms of iron medicine tend to stain your teeth, but only if not addressed.

The good news is that you can prevent, reduce or remove these stains easily with these easy tips below:

  • Mix a dose of Geritol® liquid with water or fruit juice.
  • Drink Geritol® liquid from a straw to help keep the medicine from making contact with your teeth.
  • Take Geritol® liquid by dropper. This way the liquid can be deliberately placed at the back of the tongue, again to avoid touching the teeth. Chase it down with a glass of water or fruit juice.
  • Recent stains on your teeth can usually be removed by brushing with baking soda, baking soda tooth paste or hydrogen peroxide (3%).