At what age should I start taking a multivitamin?

Anyone 12 years of age or older may use any of the Geritol® supplements. Have your teenager or preteen talk to her doctor about a multivitamin if you’re concerned she isn’t getting the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals from her diet alone.


A multivitamin might be helpful for your child if he or she has:

  • Certain chronic diseases
  • Certain food allergies
  • A restrictive diet, such as a strict vegan diet

If your child’s doctor recommends a multivitamin, choose one that provides close to 100 percent of the Daily Value of vitamins and minerals. Getting too much of a vitamin (also called mega-dosing) can be dangerous.

That’s why it’s so important to choose a well-balanced multivitamin like Geritol®. Geritol® is specially formulated with just the right vitamins in just the right amounts so you can feel your best, everyday!

Everyone in your house (age 12 or over) can take Geritol® as a supplement to a healthy and well balanced diet.


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