How soon after taking a multivitamin will I notice results?

If you start taking a multivitamin with specific goals in mind, you may want to know exactly when you should start to see results. This is not an easy question to answer because every body is unique.

Since there are countless variables involved when taking a dietary supplement – current health, current diet, stress, specific deficiencies, changes to diet – a multivitamin such as Geritol® multivitamin will affect each individual differently.

If you feel that the reason you are tired is because you are not getting enough iron or other nutrients in your daily diet, you should notice an improvement in how you feel after several days, weeks or months depending on how deficient you are. If you are proactively taking a multivitamin as a nutritional supplement but are not “deficient” in anything, you may not feel any huge difference, just a general sense of wellness.

Keep in mind that Geritol® is not a drug. If you are concerned about symptoms such as fatigue or lethargy, you should consult your physician.