Many people are realizing that nutrition and wellness don’t just go hand-in-hand: they are learning that nutrition IS wellness, that what you put in your body every single day can make you feel well, or on the other side of the coin, make you feel miserable.


Balance is a happy buzzword these days. That’s a good sign. It means people are feeling a little off-balance, and so the conversation has shifted to address how to get back to balance.

Eating a balanced diet usually means variety. Yes, follow the food pyramid (which has a snazzy new update), but also vary up the exact fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meats that you eat. By changing these up, you are giving your body a new mix of nutrients to absorb because apples offer something different than pomegranates.

A multivitamin is not a fix-it-all solution to bad eating habits. But a well-balanced multi is an excellent supplement to your average diet, ensuring that your body gets close to 100% of the daily value of many essential vitamins and minerals that you need to feel your best.


The RDAs (or Recommended Daily Allowances) are guidelines to help us keep our diets nice and balanced. You won’t hit them at 100% every day of the week, and you certainly don’t need to carry a calculator around all day to tally up your nutrients, but that’s okay. They are meant to help guide your food choices and promote variety. All About Vitamins and Minerals >

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Most of us human beings need the same basic nutrients, whether we’re a 17-year old female or a 65-year old man; however, being a man or a woman can put very specific demands on your body as it goes through changes. There may be times when you need a little extra of this or a little less of that. For example, women who are menstruating or pregnant are at a higher risk for iron deficiency.

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